Gift Aid

giftaid-logo-smallGIFT AID is very important to us as it increases the value of a donation by 25%. However, we can only claim it if

  • You have completed a Gift Aid form with wording acceptable to HMRC. This wording is critical – it is no longer sufficient to say “I am a taxpayer and wish to Gift Aid this donation”
  • We have your HOME address – house number or name, and Post Code as a minimum. A business address is not acceptable.
  • Your gift is truly a donation in that it is entirely voluntary and you receive no material benefit as a result of making it. Sponsoring someone in a fundraising event is quite acceptable, but, for example, buying a raffle ticket is not, as you receive the benefit of a chance of winning the raffle.

The Gift Aid declaration must be completed by the original donor of the money. If person A receives the donation from person B and person A passes it on to the Foundation, the Gift Aid declaration must be completed by person B, not person A.

There are particular rules to do with charity auctions, which mean that it may be possible to Gift Aid part of the money paid for a successful bid. However, this requires certain actions before the auction takes place: please contact us for details.

There are also rules about charity events like charity dinners. Buying a £50 ticket to fundraising dinner cannot be Gift Aided in whole or in part, even if the cost of providing the dinner is say £20; however, if the ticket is £20, with a suggested but optional donation of £30, then the optional £30 can be Gift Aided.

Download the Charity Gift Aid Declarations below:

Single IMO Charity Gift Aid Declaration
Multiple IMO Charity Gift Aid Declaration

For further details, please contact us or visit