A new ‘Friends’ group for The Rosemary Foundation

Whilst we are continuously humbled by the generosity of our supporters, one means of donating we would be grateful for more support in is that of ‘regular giving’, that is donations by Bankers Order. Such donations can be by monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or even annual payment to suit the donor and we are keen to see the number of people engaging with us in this way increase.

Currently almost 50 supporters of The Rosemary Foundation donate over £17,000 per annum (as at October 2018) and we are extremely grateful for this regular income which in essence pays the annual salary of one our part-time nurses. We are however very keen to see this number increase and with this in mind we are launching a ‘Friends Group’, which has the aim of recruiting a larger group of supporters who will be willing to commit to a monthly donation by standing order in order to provide The Rosemary Foundation with a regular and guaranteed income.

This support will complement current regular giving and volunteer fundraising events, and enable us to plan ahead with more certainty of income as the demand for our services continues to increase.

Our target is to recruit about 1,000 Friends, who will together provide the bulk of our future running costs – hopefully not an unrealistic target given that we have already supported some 2,500 patients to date and are thus well known to their families and friends.

We would love to hear from you if you would like to join us as a Friend of The Rosemary Foundation to help us continue to provide the caring service that we do to our local community – and please remember that as a Charity and if you are taxpayer we can increase your gift by 25% through the Government’s Gift Aid scheme.

A link to a leaflet with more details and an application form can be found here.