Statement of Purpose

The Rosemary Foundation Hospice at Home is a registered charity, providing care, for individuals who have a life-limiting condition and their carers – within their own home as life draws to a close. This service is without charge.

Aims and Objectives

The Rosemary Foundation is  nurse led, aiming to travel with the individual and his or her carer,  providing emotional support and practical help that is patient-based and available day and night – to adults over the age of eighteen who have life-limiting conditions and are approaching the end of their life.  This care will continue until life ends and will continue through the early stages of bereavement.  It is the aim of The Rosemary Foundation to give care of the highest standard and appropriate for the individuals receiving the care.

Description of the service

The care that is given reflects the wishes of the individual and may include help with personal care and a sitting service which is available day and night.  As the patient’s condition deteriorates, care may be increased with nurses visiting several times a day and often in partnership with existing services and support mechanisms, working alongside and in close collaboration with primary care teams.  There is always a Rosemary Foundation trained nurse on call, day and night.   The Community or Lead District Nurse remains the manager of care that is given.

Counselling is available to both service user and carer and remains available to carers following the death of the service user, as part of a planned bereavement support programme.

This service is available 24/7 and without charge to patient or carer, operating from Petersfield and covering surrounding towns and villages.

The Rosemary Foundation strives to meet the wishes and honour the unique value of each service user and carer.  Care is planned in close consultation with those receiving the care and monitored regularly.

All nursing staff receive regular training as part of a planned training program and encouraged to continue in their professional development.


The Rosemary Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees who are accountable for the activities of the Foundation.  The Trustees lead the service,  ensuring there is a framework of policies and standards to underpin care provided. Trustees will monitor performance against standards and the results of clinical audit to ensure high standards of care and compliance with current legislation.

The nominated individual supervises and oversees the management of the regulated activities of The Rosemary Foundation.

The Manager of The Rosemary Foundation has responsibility for the regulated activities (the day to day running of the Foundation) providing personal and nursing care  at the end of life  –  and is answerable to the nominated individual and to the trustees.

The address of the office of The Rosemary Foundation is: 35 Lavant Street, Petersfield, Hants GU32 3EL

The administration of The Rosemary Foundation is done from our office in Lavant Street together with storage of records and equipment. A bereavement support group is also held here.

The care of patients (service users) and their families is performed within the patient’s home.

Caroline Hinder 

Registered Manager
01730 266329

Chris Wilton  

Chair of Trustees
01730 266329