Home to Rome – Update

Janine Gillard:

I just wanted to send you all an update on my ‘Home to Rome’ adventure which was due to start last week. Very sadly, two days before we were due to leave Phil’s father was rushed into hospital with a suspected stroke. With this in mind, it has obviously been impossible for us to leave as planned. Although now more stable, at the grand age of 89, we do not feel we can justifiably be away from home for 3 weeks at the present time. We are now considering our other options and with children and work commitments do not envisage that we will be able to set off during this summer holidays. We hope to either go during the Easter holiday of 2015 or the summer holiday of 2015.

After months of planning and fitness training, to not leave as planned has been a huge disappointment to us both, but know that family commitments at home take an obvious priority and ‘Home to Rome’ will take place but just at a different time. All the preparation will not have been wasted.

To all of you who have very kindly donated money to my cause, ‘The Rosemary Foundation’, I thank you and can only hope that you do not feel robbed. As well as still attempting ‘Home to Rome’ at a later date, this summer, all being well, Phil and I are going to push ourselves around Northern France for 3 days instead, leaving on 21st July and returning 24th July. We are going to attempt to do 200 miles in 3 days and your kindness will still be with me as I push those pedals. Even though it is for a much shorter distance and duration and closer to home, it will still be a challenge and I hope, one that you still feel fit to donate to. Alternatively, if you would like me to return your donation, please let me know and I will do so immediately and with many apologies for the inconvenience.

Meanwhile I know that the increase in awareness of this very valuable cause has been worth all the ups and downs of the last week and my fundraising page is still open and available for anyone else out there who feels that they would like to make a donation:

https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/home to rome

Thank you all once again and I will let you all know how ‘The Normandy 200’ goes!

Best wishes,

Janine Gillard

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