Emergency Appeal supports Rosemary Foundation

We are delighted to announce that the Global’s ‘Make Some Noise’ radio charity has awarded The Rosemary Foundation £15,000 from their Emergency Appeal.
Chairman Chris Wilton commented; “This money will help us to reach even more of those who, as they reach the end of their lives, need the care our wonderful nursing staff can provide. It will give us vital funding to pay towards the cost of an additional nurse and care worker, as well as meeting the increasing challenges of remote working for our nursing team”

Radio interview brings heart-felt testimony

Lesina said “When I was asked, if I would be prepared to do a couple of Radio interviews, to try and raise some funds for The Rosemary foundation I felt very honoured. I realised that with COVID restrictions in place, fundraising was going to be very difficult and as these interviews were for that purpose it was a ‘no brainer’! ( despite the butterflies in my tummy!).

Just over 2 years ago my sisters and I had cared for both of our parents until their deaths only 3 weeks apart. The Rosemary foundation had been there for us during that difficult time in our lives. They were there, as Penny said on their first visit, for “As much or as little as you need. For the time when you need to be a daughter, not just carer” I am a retired Macmillan nurse myself and did not understand the significance of those words until the time came when I needed to be ‘Daughter’. The reassurance and support of the Rosemary Foundation was INVALUABLE to us all both during the caring and for a few months afterwards”

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