Tom Cann’s Paris Marathon Challenge

tomCannAfter his 2016 challenge of Cycling the 100 mile South Downs Road Ride, Tom Cann has decided to set himself a bigger challenge for 2017.

Tom says “I have entered in to run my first ever marathon in Paris on the 9th April. This running malarkey is certainly much harder than cycling but I am determined to finish and hopefully in a good time too!”

Tom has set up a VirginGiving page to encourage himself to complete the marathon and to call for all friends, family and everyone else to “donate to a good cause and support me at the same time“.

“The Rosemary Foundation have been a great help to me and my family, having cared for my Nan a few years ago and recently my Grandad until he passed away in 2016. It is great to know that when times are tough and there isn’t anything you can do except make the person as comfortable and relaxed as possible, there is a friendly team to help with everything and provide all the support possible. Without donations and sponsorship the Rosemary team wouldn’t be able to help as many people as they do and every penny and pound really does count.

“And I need all the support and sponsors I can to even get me through running 26 miles!

“I appreciate all the support and thank you for the donations.”

Thank you Tom for supporting us with this incredible challenge. We wish you the very best of luck!

Tom Cann’s Fundraising Page

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