The Wallerbies are Yomping!


The “Wallerbies” will be Yomping 166.4KM On the South Downs Way on 28-29th May this year, NON STOP and through the night, to raise funds for The Rosemary Foundation.

Lionel Fanshawe, Team Captain, has this to say:

“As a small band of friends living in or around the Stroud Area, with splendid panoramas and easy access to the Downs, the idea of taking on this challenge seemed an obviously intriguing one when combined with the idea of fundraising for charities that one way or other celebrated the lives of recently deceased friends in the village (Richard Hollington and Monica Waller) with immediate ties to both the Royal Marines (and the Since 1664 charity) and our other chosen beneficiary, The Rosemary Foundation.”

Amongst those who have benefitted from their services has been Clive Waller who, in recognition of the care provided for his late wife Monica, has kindly donated these places in the Since 1664 Yomp. He writes: “Sadly, we do not have a 24/7 NHS, or anything like it. In the middle of the night, when one is with a terminally ill loved one and desperate, it is the Rosemary Foundation that helps. Like many, I am indebted to them”

We hope you will support Clive and the ‘Wallerbies’, in honour of his surname, in supporting The Rosemary Foundation by generously sponsoring the team on this ‘not so gentle’ yomp along the beautiful South Downs Way.

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