Petersfield Choir Privett Church Concert

Petersfield Choir Privett Church ConcertIn their second concert since being formed in January, The  Petersfield Choir again served up a rich and varied mixture of short choral  songs – all sung without accompaniment, which would be a tough challenge even  for a well-established group, but one to which this choir rose with  considerable success.

The programme was themed on songs about love and summer and at  its core was a set of folk songs from around the British Isles arranged for  choir by such masters as Vaughan Williams, Holst, Grainger and Bairstow in a  style which has become a defining feature of the the unique English choral  tradition – a style which this choir embraced with understanding and  skill.

Mainly, the singing was confident and assured and the choir was  clearly happiest when bowling along in a rich forte, but there were  also several moments of spine-chilling pianissimo and the singers would  have done well to conjure up more of these. Although during one or two of the  songs, the pitch would slip slightly, the harmonies were faithfully  represented and the choir followed Steve Sargent’s animated conducting  well.

Interest was maintained by three songs featuring solos by  members of the choir: a bold and brave move not often attempted. These were  backed with sensitivity by the rest of the choir in the cases of Brigg  Fair and The Turtle Dove, and with an excited driving force in the  bluesy Summertime. There were also three short instrumental solos – all  given by choir members – and special mention is deserved for Clare Lund’s  magical rendition of Debussy’s famous Syrinx.

Demonstrating the versatility of the choir, Passereau’s Il  Est Bel Et Bon in which French housewives gossip and cackle gaily to the  accompaniment of their chickens was just around the corner from Holst’s  passionate and heart-rending I Love My Love in which the hero returns  from sea and dramatically rescues his love-lorn girl from her chains in a  mental asylum. His declaration of love upon finding her will have brought a  lump to many a throat in the 100-strong audience which, at many other points  in the programme, were visibly delighted with what they were  hearing.

On the whole, this was splendid entertainment reflecting a lot  of detailed preparation and the choir should be very pleased with it. At this  rate, their next concert, in St Peter’s Church on 14th December  will be well worth a visit.

 The retiring collection in aid of the conservation of Privett  Church and the Rosemary Foundation raised a very creditable  £460.

Hazel Greenwood

Petersfield Choir Privett Church Concert

Petersfield Choir

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