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Two marvellous volunteers, Max and Nick Grogan, are taking part in this year’s From Rust to Rome banger rally and raising funds for us by doing so.

They have set up a blog which you can read here. More details about the rally can be found on

They have also set up a JustGiving page if you can help at

I’m sure you will join us in wishing them all the best.

maxRust 2 Rome is an adventure of a lifetime. It’s you and your car taking to the road on a four and a half thousand mile journey through Europe.

Sound easy? It’s not.

You’re doing it in a car that cost less than £500 in foreign countries on challenging roads. Rust 2 Rome will push you to the limits from start to finish.

Remember the roads from movies like the Italian Job, Casino Royale and Ronin, those twisty ones going around the side of a mountain? That’s the roads you’ll be driving on. This isn’t for the faint hearted. If you can handle it you’ll be rewarded by the sight of the Roman Coliseum at sunset after ten days of the most breath taking driving you’ll ever do.

That is, if you make it…

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