Donation from Waterlooville Good Neighbours

Waterlooville Good Neighbours

We were thrilled recently to receive a cheque for £500 from Simon Molyneux of Waterlooville Good Neighbours Group in recognition of the work carried out by our nurses in the area we cover.

In presenting the cheque Simon (pictured here by Michel Focard, together with some of our nurses) said:
“The Waterlooville, Purbrook and Cowplain Good Neighbours takes people to medical appointments if they can’t get on with public transport, including taxis. Similarly, we take people shopping, or do the shopping for them if they are housebound. We also visit people who are lonely and unable to get out to meet others, and sometimes take them out for a breath of fresh air and a change of scenery – this often involves coffee!

We are a ‘self-funding’ group, and we ask our clients for a donation to cover the transport costs of the individual volunteers when they do a task, and we also ask for a small donation to cover the group’s running costs, which are mainly telephone costs and insurance. At the end of last year we had more money than we thought we needed to run the group for 2017 so we decided to donate the surplus to the Rosemary Foundation, as we are in awe of the work you do and know how much it is appreciated by those you help.”

Thank you all very much.

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