GP to Cycle South Downs Way in a Day

South Downs WayOn 6th June, just 20 months after hip replacement surgery, Dr Andrew Holden plans to cycle 100 miles along the South Downs Way to raise funds for The Rosemary Foundation.

Andrew HoldenFollowing his surgery Dr Holden has been cycling as a way to rehabilitate and strengthen his muscles. “I have met a great bunch of similarly aged guys with whom I cycle regularly and we have now decided to do this big challenge together. We have all cycled the South Downs Way before but over 2-3 days which is an entirely different proposition to doing it in 1 day.

“As you may know I work in Petersfield as a GP: unfortunately, medicine doesn’t have all the answers and we have to accept that we all have a time to pass away. For some people this happens over  a period of time rather than suddenly and they may wish to spend those last few weeks, days or hours at home where they feel most comfortable. We do all we can at the Swan Surgery to facilitate this but it is the Rosemary Foundation that often makes this practically possible. They provide total nursing care 24/7 and I have worked with their local team many  times over the years to achieve ‘death with dignity’ for our patients at home.

“They do a great job and make a huge difference.

“This is my first sponsored event and I decided to support them by doing it. They are not a huge national organisation but a local team of dedicated staff.”

You can find Dr Holden’s Just Giving page here. Thank you for any support you can give!

Cycle South Downs Way

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