Congratulations Bill – almost home!

Furka Pass Switzerland

On Monday 1st September, Bill Budd completed 6,056.8 km (3,763.54 miles) thereby passing his 6000km target!

Bill is on his way home and due to arrive this coming Saturday, 6th September. We hope you will all join us in congratulating Bill on his amazing success. This has been an incredible journey which included two of Switzerland’s toughest mountain passes in just one day! (Above: Bill after climbing the Furka Pass, Switzerland. Below: James Bond at the Furka Pass).

M4DGOLD EC004He has also surpassed his £6,666 target for donations having reached £6,743.09. If you’d like to help please visit Bill’s Just Giving page.

Bill, we can’t thank you enough (who needs James Bond – you are our hero)!

For more on Bill’s challenge, please visit his blog Old Git On A Bike.

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