90 Year Old Flies WWII Auster for the RF


Bob Simmons from Petersfield is looking for people to sponsor his 90th birthday celebration when, on Monday 1st June, he will be flying a WWII Auster aircraft. He was in the Navy from 1943-1956, the last four years of which were spent as a pilot with the Fleet Air Arm, during which time he flew the Grumman Avenger and the Meteor, amongst other aircraft.

Having not flown since that time, Bob announced to his family that he wanted to fly again for his 80th birthday and they were able to arrange a flight for him at Goodwood, and then again for his 85th birthday. So the obvious thing to do for his 90th  is to take to the skies again!

Bob and his wife Pam, who had served in the WRENS, moved to Petersfield in 1999.  Towards the end of her life, Pam was looked after by the nurses of The Rosemary Foundation. Bob is already a staunch supporter of the Foundation, making models of historic ships and providing his own paintings to sell at fundraising events.  He wants to mark the occasion of his 90th by raising funds in acknowledgement and thanks for the wonderful care that both he and Pam received.

The flight is scheduled to take place on Bob’s birthday Monday 1st June but this will be dependent on the weather conditions at the time. If the weather is poor, the flight will take place as soon as possible after the big day. The Auster aircraft is owned by a friend of his, who Bob expects will do the take-off and landing, but he is hoping to be at the controls himself for much of the flight. He hopes that the flight will last for about an hour and a half and that the route will include a circle around the Isle of Wight.

To sponsor Bob please go MyDonate.

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