Solent Metal Detecting Club

Cheque presentation from Solent Metal Detecting Club

The Solent Metal Detecting Club is one of our most faithful supporters. Their secretary wrote:

On the 9th of May 2013 the treasurer of the Solent Metal Detecting Club, Ted Jewell, presented a cheque of £500 to the Rosemary Foundation at the Langrish offices. The Solent Metal Detecting Club continues to support the foundation and donates all monies received from members as a result of their use of the land kindly provided by landowners in the Petersfield area.

May I take this occasion to remind the Foundation that we, as a club, are constantly seeking more land on which to detect. If the Rosemary Foundation is able to provide us with land on which we can detect (through their many contacts), whether it is for a one off, or regular use, the club will donate any monies arising from use of this land.

Tony Strevens
Secretary of the Solent Metal Detecting Club

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