Ann Norton’s Great South Run

In 2013 Anne Norton ran the Great South Run in aid of the Rosemary Foundation. We can do no better than to quote from her Just Giving Page.

“Please help me raise funds for the Rosemary Foundation. Before last year, I didn’t know that hospice care was for anything other than cancer. However, last autumn, my father developed double vision. It was the start of a rapid decline into end stage heart failure. It was all so fast none of us, least of all Dad, had time to take it in, so when the doctors told him there was nothing more they could do, and suggested the hospice, all he wanted to do was go home. That was where the Rosemary Foundation stepped in. Their wonderful nurses gave all the support my Mum needed to enable my Dad to die at home, and afterwards, the care and compassion she needed too.

They rely solely on donations and therefore I am doing this run so that the Rosemary Foundation nurses continue to be there for people like my Dad.”

If you would like to support her please go to her Just Giving page.

Bupa Great South Run 2013

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